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CMFBibliographyAT 1.0.0 released

Es gibt eine neue Version des Literaturverwaltungstools für das CMS Plone. Ich zitiere hocherfreut die Meldung von Andreas Jung in der plone-biblio-Mailingliste:

I pleased to announce the release of

CMFBibliographyAT 1.0.0

Major changes from 0.9 -> 1.0:

– refactoring of renderers and parsers (based on work by
Tom Gross)

– various fixes related to encoding of input data

– various fixes in renderers and parsers

– broader test suite

– more robust imports

– carefully tested with various input data from other
bibliographic applications

– new „identifiers“ grid field

Please note that is release supports Plone 3.X only (no Plone 4 support so far).

CMFBibliographyAT is distributed as source-code distribution (as „egg“).
The traditional tar-ball will not be provided any more. The installation using zc.buildout is mandatory and straight forward (add Products.CMFBibliographyAT to your ‚eggs‘ section).

Upgrading from CMFBibliographyAT 0.9.X should be safe however you are a strongly encouraged to backup your data before upgrading and test the upgrade process on your staging systems first.

The work on the 1.0 release has been sponsored by the Humboldt University of Berlin.

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